Masud Sarshar is the CEO of Apparel Limited, Inc.,
the exclusive licensee of Williamson Dickie
Manufacturing Co. for Dickies Girl® apparel.
He also has several real estate projects.
One is an exquisite beach front property with
a secluded cove and a private beach. 
Just steps away from the Pacific Ocean in Malibu,
Masud Sarshar designed and built a handcrafted
Mediterranean style home and outfitted it with
a 21st century high-tech infrastructure and a
mid-century modern interior.
See it here:  32852 PCH
Another property is the largest working farm
(cattle & poultry) in Malibu. 
It is 320 acres, has it’s own ponds and overlooks
the Pacific Ocean.  It is 5 minutes away from PCH
and is like having your own private national park.
It is currently paying for itself as a production 
rental for movies and commercials. See it here: 3200 ENCINAL CANYON ROAD